Microneedling: Aftercare Tips and Recommendations 

Microneedling to treat stretch marks

Microneedling, otherwise referred to as collagen induction therapy is a fantastic non-invasive cosmetic treatment aiming to smoothen and rejuvenate the skin. Microneedling uses a specialized tool composed of miniature needles which penetrate the superficial layer of the skin and leave minor puncture wounds which encourage the production of both collagen and elastin. As a result,…

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Botox Airbrush: How Micro Botox Injections Maintain Your Skin Health?

how botox airbrush help maintain the skin health

No matter how hard you try to prevent it, aging is an inevitable process. Typically, the appearance of wrinkles, lines, and creases is a result of insufficient collagen and elastin production in the skin. Luckily, the process of rapid aging can be maintained and delayed, all thanks to anti-aging alternatives and state-of-the-art skincare treatments.  Whilst…

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