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How to prolong your botox at home

We want your botox to last as long as possible so Dr. Carol has some tips for your to utilize to make your Botox injections last longer, longer.

Lip Flip" or "Lip Filler"- What's the Difference?

Lip enhancing procedures have become all the rave! But how do you know if you want a “Lip Flip” or receive “Lip Filler”? 👄
Dr. Carol explains the difference between the two procedures and what to expect from them! ✨
If you are ready to try a lip enhancement procedure, let’s set up an appointment to discuss the next steps!

Things you should NOT do right after Botox!

Dr. Carol is here to give you advice to keep your Botox procedure looking its best! 💉
🚫 No rubbing the area for 4 hours
🚫 No exercise for 24 hrs
🚫 No laying down or bending forward for 4 hours
🚫 No alcohol for 24 hours


About Nighttime Routine

Getting injections without using proper skincare is like going to the dentist without brushing between visits!

To help achieve your best self when it comes to your skincare, Dr. Carol explains what she uses for a proper nighttime routine and why it is so important to incorporate them into your everyday life!

Lumiere: Product Review

Dear beauty enthusiasts, keeping your eyes healthy is just as important as your face. It’s time to protect them from wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness, and sun damage with your favorite eye cream.
We want to tell you about OUR favorite medical-grade eye cream by Neocutis called Lumiere. Dr. Carol Eisenstat is here to explain why she highly recommends this eye cream over others and how she adds it to her nightly routine! ✨
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Did you know the sun emits two types of radiation?

UVA and UVB rays ☀️

UVA rays contribute to the signs of aging in the skin, like wrinkles and sagging. UVB rays are more carcinogenic and often responsible for sunburns.

While you are enjoying the outside this summer, make sure you use a broad-spectrum protection SPF so you are protected from both UV Rays! ✨

Botox® New Patient Specials!

Botox® Cosmetic Injectables

Limited time new patient special. Botox® only $14 Per Unit with a minimum of 20 units.
Offer valid this month for the first 50 NEW PATIENTS only.

Xeomin® Aesthetic Injectables

$12 per unit with a minimum purchase of 20 units.
Offer valid this month.

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